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  About Us

        Established in 1902, Peking University Press was the very first


Chinese university press. Now it is one of the largest academic and educational publishers in China. It publishes more than 1500 new t-itles a year, with 3000 titles in print.

          PUP is an integral part of Peking University. Sticking to the prin-  

ciple of “facilitating teaching and scientific research, assisting academ-ic development and cultivating talented intellectuals”, and based on the rich resources of the University’s faculty and with support from schol-ars all over the world, PUP has published a remarkable range of col-lege textbooks and scholarly works in nearly all academic disciplines.
        PUP is actively pursuing international cooperation and publica-tion exchanges with its overseas counterparts. It has established relationship with publishers from scores of countries and regions in copyrights trading and co-publishing. PUP always puts emphasis on both rights buying and selling, pursuing a well balanced development in two directions.

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  Contact Us

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